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Excursions Cala Gonone - Azzurra

An itinerary... A journey... A dream

Thirty kilometres of uncontaminated coast among some of the tallest cliffs in the Mediterranean that shelter caverns and coves of unparalleled beauty. This is the Gulf of Orosei. This is the holiday you should not let pass you by. Cala Gonone is located at the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. We are proud to operate in what is known as an authentic natural realm set among the shimmering limestone mountains, a crystal-clear sea and mysterious caverns that extend to the core of the Supramonte Maritime mountain range. We will share our passion and love for our land with you by offering you a day you will never forget with our expert boat operators who will guide you through daily excursions departing from the Cala Gonone port . A memorable day awaits you that will be filled with extraordinary emotions and just a hint of nostalgia – for what you will be leaving behind. It might very well be the only aching moment of your cruise but it will also be the moment in which your holiday at Cala Gonone becomes something more important than just a relaxing week away from your routine lifestyle in the city. It will be the moment that you realize that you feel at home at Cala Gonone.

skipper escursioni cala gononeThe skipper says:

Who are these excursions for?

For anybody! Over the years, Cala Gonone excursions have taken people of all ages out to sea. From infants to people in the eighties.

Their days at sea have always been wonderful. Of course, the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the fact that the currents are protected by our gulf help us fulfil our mission and our convey passion and respect for our sea to people of all ages.


Is the boat safe? Is it roomy enough?

The “boats” or (unsinkable) rubber rafts in our fleet are branded joker boats and - in the tradition of Italy’s renowned shipyard – these are the finest in terms of navigation and capacity. The rafts we use for our excursions with operators are 7 metres long and are authorized to carry up to 16 people. However, we offer a charter service and not a ferry boat ride and the excursions are organized for 12 passengers and under.

Small groups for a great day to spend together discovering the micro-fauna and flora typical to our coast. Safety comes above all and should weather conditions be poor, we will be the first to advise you on what to do.


How are the excursions organized?

Excursions on rubber rafts leave Cala Gonone the first thing in the morning. Schedules depend on the hours of available daylight. (The days are longest in late June.) Tall cliffs do not permit the sun to shine very long on some of the coves near Capo Monte Santo, which are always toured in early morning. The itineraries are never the same and vary based upon the season.

We like to mix things up a bit so that your special dream day will never be subject to rules and timetables that could be somehow associated in your mind with your work routine. This is why we decide on a day-by-day basis, depending on weather conditions, and put together crews for you. It is always a good idea to listen to the skipper’s advice since he will be your tour guide and will help you enjoy your excursion in the best possible way . We usually plan on 3 stops and lay anchor twice for swim sessions in the open sea while we explore the entire Gulf of Orosei all the way to Cala Goloritzè. Swimming in the open sea makes the difference between taking a rubber raft out and choosing to tour the coast by ferry. There is such an advantage to the thrill of diving into a cavern or into a body of crystal-clear water with no one else around, far from the confusion of mass tourism. This is what we promise you during your mini-cruise. Your job is to trust us with the choice of itinerary.

Contact us for further information about renting a rubber raft

Boat rental rates


with skipper

Minimum fee*
€ 60 per Person

Maximum fee
€ 100 per Person

Umbrella **
Coolbag **


Self cruise

Minimum fee*
€ 120 per boat per day
+ gasoline (approximately 40/50 euro)
Maximum fee
€ 600 per day
+ gasoline (approximately 40/50 euro)
Boat 5 / 6 mt. 40 hp
Umbrella **
Coolbag **
Quick driving school at sea
Assistance during the day


Gulf of Orosei

€ 40 per Person

Cala Luna
Cala Sisine
Cala Biriola
Cala Mariolu
Cala Gabbiani

Departure 08:00 / 08:30
Return 16:30

* Rates in low season
** On demand. While stocks

Map - Gulf Of Orosei

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